Scott LaPree JM '75

Profile Updated: November 1, 2017
Residing In: Rochester, MN USA
Spouse/Partner: Christine (Barteaux)
Occupation: Mechanical Designer for 40 years
Children: Nope. I was too selfish, and didn't want to give up my free time.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I'm the spouse of the lovely Chris Barteaux, JM class of 1976. I'm a very lucky boy....she just gets more beautiful every day. Since I graduated one year ahead of your class, I know quite a few of you. Keep up the good work on the website! *13 July 2009* *29 Dec 2009* Added a couple of pictures below to end the decade. *Added some pictures from the Class of 75 Fall motorcycle ride**Added a couple photos from our fall class ride.*

School Story:

*First dance in 10th grade. Girl ask boy. Me being shy, naive, and immature. But man, was she beautiful.

*During summer-school Driver's Ed class, glancing over at the girl sitting in the row beside me. She was wearing a halter top (it was 1973), and the viewing angle could not have been better. Wow. THAT Affirmed a few personal principles.

*The Trench games in phy ed class. Talk about brutality.

*The shoes, the boots, the bellbottoms, the haircuts. Oh, the humanity.

If you could go back to high school, what would you do differently?

*Would have stopped trying to impress or please people that were not good people.

*There are classmates that I didn't know in high school, that I have since gotten to know, and consider some of them to now be friends. Wish I would have gotten to know them decades ago. That considered, I am very grateful and lucky to have gotten to know them.

*Wouldn't have ignored Deb during the summer between junior and senior years. I wasn't honest with her. That wasn't very nice. She deserved better. What a wonderful girl.

*Would have asked my friend LBS to the senior prom. She almost always had a boyfriend, but didn't at the time, and I didn't know it. Sweet, beautiful girl sat at home on prom night. We could have at least gone as friends. Instead, I went with a sweet girl whom thought I was someone different than I was, and she didn't have fun. It was all my immature, ignorant, naive dumb-ass fault. Knowing what I know now, that night would have been completely different.

Did you have one or more part time jobs while in high school? If so, dish the details.

Red Owl at Miracle Mile. The Bloody Bird. Great fun. Learned a lot about life from my coworkers there. During the summers, I worked the overnight shift. We would work hard stocking shelves, but during our lunch break, at 2 AM or so, we would play hockey in the frozen food aisle. Grab brooms off the display, use a handmade puck, and knock each other senseless. Amazing that we didn't destroy the glass in those doors.When we were done, we would clean up the scuff marks on the doors (with products from the shelves, of course) and get back to work. No wonder I was in shape back then!

Did you have a car in high school? If so, dish the details.

1968 Plymouth Fury 4-door. Ugly car, but sat about a dozen comfortably, and enough room in the trunk to easily sneak 4 people into the outdoor theater.

Did you attend any school dances? If so, with whom?

10th grade girl-ask-boy, with classmate MKM. Senior prom with classmate CLB.

What three words would your friends have used to described you in 1976?

Dorky, immature, d**chebag

What three words would your friends use to describe you today?

Tall, old, slow

In 1976, what did you imagine as your dream job, and how close did you come to fulfilling the dream?

Architect. Mr. Espinda was good enough to do some research for me, and as a result, I decided to go into mechanical drafting and design. Which has kept me gainfully employed for over 40 years now. He rarely gave bad advice. Best pure teacher I ever had.

What do you know today, that you wish you'd known as a teenager?

*That I'm not physically indestructible.
*That if I acted more mature and confident, I would be more relaxed around the ladies. Thanks to a couple of girls (one from the class of 1975 (very sadly deceased), the other from the class of 1976), I was taught invaluable lessons in the ways of relationships. They were both wiser, nicer, and far more mature than I. I was very lucky to have known them, and I am forever in their debt. You know who you are.
*That math IS important, and if I hadn't become bored with it by 9th grade, I would have worked harder at it, and college pre-engineering calculus would have been MUCH easier.
*That one CAN become mesmerized by the female form in motion (think of the hallway scene in the movie "Superbad", with McLovin). Lucky I didn't walk straight into a wall on several occasions.
*CONCENTRATE in the classroom. That would have made it all a lot easier. But, well, being a teenager, there were plenty of distractions to occupy a young mind.
*Act mature. Geez, that sounds so simple now, but apparently it wasn't easy to accomplish for me back then.

Using John Marshall as a starting point, what is the farthest point you've ever traveled to, and why?

Virgin Islands (honeymoon 1982, vacation 1989), Tucson (work, a couple of times in the mid 1990s), Victoria BC, Seattle (vacation, 2002), San Jose, Cal (work, a couple of times in the mid 1990s). Don't know which is farthest.

Other than a parent, who has been the most influential person in your life, and why?

My wife, Chris. Educated me in countless ways. Gave me confidence. Supports me unconditionally. What more could a person want?

If you could invite 10 people, living or dead, to a dinner party, who would you invite?

Updated * Nov 23 2016 * This time, looking for a fun mix.
1) Chris Barteaux LaPree - funny AND cute.
2) Randy Horan - funniest friend I have.
3) Lemmy Kilmister - no explanation needed.
4) Ben Stein - was a speech writer for Richard Nixon. Ugh, what a job.
5) Jerry Rosenblad - knows more jokes than Groucho Marx.
6) Steven Wright - a quote, "Everywhere is within walking distance, if you have the time".
7) Gilbert Gottfried - for his calm demeanor.
8) Antoine Louis - he was a surgeon and physiologist, and he invented the guillotine. Holy Moses, with those contradictory accomplishments, he can't possibly be boring.
9) Paul Newman - to talk racing. And the movie "Slapshot".
10) Neil Armstrong - he walked on the moon, for Ned's sake!

What film or literary character do you most identify with, and why?

Cousin Eddie, from the Vacation movies. Although I don't dress quite as well. And he's better looking and more considerate. Oh, and he doesn't drink as much.

What have you always wanted to do that you haven't done yet?

Ride my motorcycle on Going To The Sun Road, in Glacier National Park, with my wife as a passenger.

What do you like best about being in your 50s?

*Watching the young people injure and make fools of themselves at bars, parties, and sporting events. It's also hilarious to see how bored or embarassed they get when you start talking about the perils and procedures of old age, for example, colonoscopies, dietary fiber, 401(k) performance, and the unexpected rush of standing up too fast.
*Knowing that no matter how bad it gets, it can always get worse.
*Knowing what makes me happy, and concentrating on that, instead of stuff that doesn't matter, or that I don't like.
*Realizing how lucky I am.
*That I've been in the same, boring, simple house since 1984, and that I'm married to the same, stunning, fun girl since 1982. (How or why she tolerates me is one of the world's great unsolved mysteries).
*Still being functional and lucid enough to know that pretty soon, the administrator of this wonderful web page will have to change the category title to "What do you like best about being in your 60s?"

What do you do for fun?

Artwork (mostly during the winter) and a fair amount of motorcycling. Track days are great fun, but I haven't been to one since 2006, so it's about time again. Fishing 2 or 3 times a year.

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Class of 1975 2017 Fall Ride. Dan Kroll, Todd Lund, and Mark Vale, looking, well.....a little different than they did back in their school days. Actually, maybe BETTER looking. You decide.
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Class of 1975 2017 Summer Ride. Mike Vinz and Tim Schroeder listening intently as Todd Lund describes a recent medical procedure.
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Class of 1975 2017 Summer Ride. Tim Schroeder, multi-tasking.
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Fall Ride - 2016. A geek, Todd Lund, and Dan Kroll, in a very intense brainstorming session. Topics discussed were, among others; the theological implications of the recent fracturing of the eastern orthodox Christian sects in the Czech Republic; the financial consequences of re-positioning future contributions to low-load mutual funds in our 401k accounts; which current presidential candidate will best represent the modern motorcyclist's interests; which girls we should have asked out over forty years ago, and the ones we shouldn't have; and how to eliminate ear hair that seems to grow half an inch a day.
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Fall 2016 Motorcycle Ride. Mark Vale and Bruce Werre, trading stories about growing up in Country Club Manor. Some of the stories may actually have been true.
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2016 Fall Motorcycle Ride. Lunch stop in Eau Galle, Wisconsin. (Sorry for the blurry picture). Left to right; Dan Kroll, Todd Lund, Jeanne (Mikesh) Vale, Kim (Randy Smith's girlfriend), Randy Smith, Bruce Werre, Ted Jensen, and Mark Vale.
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Caught this 20-inch smallmouth on my 50th birthday....what a present! We were in northern Wisconsin at my brother's cottage.
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Chris and I at our annual block progressive dinner a few years ago. Hmmmm, what's that strange foreign object in my hand?
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Fall, 2007, in western Wisconsin, with the old SuperHawk, which I still have. This bike turns me into (even more of) an idiot.
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August 2009 - Just outside of Fountain City, Wisconsin
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Copper Harbor, Michigan, August 2009.
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Turn 14 - RoadAmerica - 2005. Trying to improve.
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RoadAmerica 2005 - Trying unsuccessfully to keep up with instructor through turn 14.
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Thanksgiving, 2009. Uncle Scott, with 3 of Mary Beth Hart's (LaPree, your classmate!) 4 grandchildren.
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Prom, May, 1975. Cindy and her dorky date. Bless her pretty little heart.
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New Year's Eve, 1976. Really? That was my best idea? I HAD to have had some degree of brain damage. No doubt.