Colleen Carney McCall

Profile Updated: June 2, 2010
Colleen Carney
Residing In: Mantorville, MN USA
Spouse/Partner: Fred
Occupation: Sales
Children: Taylor, born 1992
Cameron, born 1998
Yes! Attending Reunion

As I look back I wonder if I should have married earlier. Got married at 30, kids at 34 and 40. When I go to school events for my youngest I know the talk from the other parents is, how nice for Cameron to bring his Grandmother!!?

If you could go back to high school, what would you do differently?

I might participate more in school events. Maybe even talk to a GUY!!!

Did you have one or more part time jobs while in high school? If so, dish the details.

Barlow Foods

Did you attend any school dances? If so, with whom?

Oh let me think. if I remember correctly Al Erickson dumped me right before the prom and I went with Greg Gustine. I think I also attended some dance with Jay kaufmann. Do I have that right?

What three words would your friends have used to described you in 1976?

silly,unsure, smiley

What three words would your friends use to describe you today?

Funny, sincere, thoughtful

In 1976, what did you imagine as your dream job, and how close did you come to fulfilling the dream?

I thought my dream job would be a Bachman's desiging flowers. How close did I get?? I plant them!

What do you know today, that you wish you'd known as a teenager?

Life isn't fair, get over it!

Using John Marshall as a starting point, what is the farthest point you've ever traveled to, and why?

Wrexham, Wales UK 1981 College exchange program. I spent 2 months doing my student teaching. Really glad I got to go!

Other than a parent, who has been the most influential person in your life, and why?

I'd have to say the most influential person is my Grandmother. She worked at Michael's well into her 70's as a waitress and has experienced so much in her life. The Depression, space travel, technology, updates in basic transportation to mention a few. She's now almost 94 alive and kickin'. She has stuck with me all my life and I adore her!

What film or literary character do you most identify with, and why?

None. My real life is more entertaining.

What have you always wanted to do that you haven't done yet?


What do you like best about being in your 50s?

51 is pretty cool! if something goes wrong, i blame it on a senior moment! Brain Fart.....

What do you do for fun?

vacation in tropical climates

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